Liffey Street Public Realm Works, Dublin City.

Dublin City Council, through its’ Public Works Contractor, Cairn Construction, now propose to commence work on the LIFFEY STREET PUBLIC REALM WORKS Scheme in the fourth (4th) week of January 2023 (Monday, 23rd). This brief postponement of commencement (from the previously advertised 9th January Starting Date) is consequent on unexpected delay(s) to the completion of Motel One on Liffey Street Upper (previously due to open at the end of December). Unfortunately, there is not enough space on the street to accommodate both the Motel’s Contractor and the Roadworks Contractor at the same time!

Liffey Street (both Upper and Lower) provides an important link between the north and south city centre shopping and tourist precincts. Liffey Street can experience some 30,000 pedestrians and some 2,500 vehicles per day, and accommodation of same will present the Contractor no small challenge during the Works.

This scheme is being progressed as part of the Public Realm Strategy, the City Centre Masterplan and the Reimagining Dublin One Study, which was developed to meet the objectives of the overarching Dublin City Council Public Realm Strategy ‘Your City Your Space’ document.

A high quality design is being utilised to improve the ambiance of the street, with increased greening and wider footpaths creating a quality space to be enjoyed by all.

The proposed Works will involve a full upgrade of the footpaths and carriageway at this location. The footpaths will be widened and repaved in granite, and notable new planting will be included to match those already introduced in other recently completed city center streets.

The above Works include, but are not limited to:-

The proposed works extend the full length of Liffey Street Upper and Lower from its junction with Henry Street running south to its junction with Ormond Quay and Bachelor’s Walk along the Liffey Quays. The Scheme's Works endeavours to minimise disruption to local businesses and the general public.

The Liffey Street Public Realm project involves the excavation, reconstruction, milling and reconstruction of the asphalt carriageway and the repaving of the footpaths with new granite slabs and setts laid on a new high strength bedding mortar, replacing the existing pavement materials, and as shown on the scheme design drawings (attached).

The existing pedestrian area on Liffey Street Upper is extended to the intersection with Abbey Street. A new pedestrian plaza will be created on Liffey Street Lower between Strand Street and the Quays.

The Works involve the replacement of an existing gas main, the provision and installation of new watermains, the provision of new surface water sewers, public lighting and communications ducts, street furniture in the form of bollards, benches, bicycle stands, and bins and the replacement of some utility covers and frames within the site extents.

The Works also involve the provision of planted areas throughout the scheme.

Liffey Street lower is currently open to one-way southbound traffic along its entire length from Abbey Street to the Quays.

There are pedestrian footways on both sides of the road. Insofar as is reasonably possible, through-traffic will be maintained for the duration of the works between Abbey Street and Strand Street. However, it is acknowledged in advance, that Temporary Road Closures (affecting vehicular traffic) will have to be an integral part of these Pubic Roadworks.

Temporary Traffic Management will be a major part of the proposed Works, with the safety of pedestrians and other road users remaining paramount throughout the construction period.